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Everything you need to know about Delivery!

We always believe in giving you easy, hassle-free, and fastest delivery so you can enjoy your products as soon as possible. We, The Anabolic World, have made this separate page covering all the delivery information you might need. We’ve tried to answer all the possible questions regarding packaging and delivery. We Hope this will help you.

How does the packaging take place?

We pack the steroids with priority, responsibility, and honesty. Keeping our customer’s information confidential is one of our core values. All the steroids are packed in a plain brown envelope to ensure privacy. The package will not indicate the medicine packed inside or the buyer’s identity.

How do we send the steroids all across the UK?

All orders are sent to our customers via Royal Mail at a flat rate of £6.99.

Can the customers track their Orders?

Yes, the customers can track their orders through the 24-hour tracking service provided by Royal Mail.

What is the expected delivery time?

The Steroids will be delivered safely in 1-2 working days after placing the order. We only make the shipments on working days. If the order is placed on a weekend (Saturday-Sunday), it will be dispatched on Monday and delivered to the customer the next day.

Are the steroids only available in the UK?

Yes, we are only providing the products in the United Kingdom. If you place an order from outside the UK, you will be further notified through email or call.

What would happen if the shipment date has passed?

We take every reasonable measure when we ship your order. Most importantly, we make the customers our Priority.

The delay may only arise due to the following reasons:

  • The Holidays
  • The issue with the Postal system
  • Incomplete details provided by the customer

It is important to note that we cannot be held responsible for delays. The delay occurs rarely. But make sure that you put correct and complete information at the time of order placement.

Moreover, if you have yet to receive the order, you must inform us via customer support or email so we can investigate the delayed order. We may also be able to refund you or replace the order with the new one. However, you should contact us within a reasonable amount of time.

Learn more about us

Visit the FAQs page to understand more about what we are offering. There, you can check the payment options and process of order placement along with other information. Or, Contact us at customer support directly if you have any questions.

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