Does PCT increase testosterone?

PCT helps stimulate the body’s natural testosterone production, aiding in the restoration of hormonal balance after a steroid cycle. It reduces oestrogen levels, and reaches

How long should you take post cycle therapy?

The duration of PCT varies but typically lasts several weeks, following a specific protocol based on the steroids used. Starting when the body is completely

Can you gain muscle on PCT?

 PCT itself is not for muscle gain; its primary purpose is to restore hormonal balance after a steroid cycle

What do bodybuilders take for PCT?

Bodybuilders often use medications like tamoxifen or clomiphene for PCT to mitigate the effects of suppressed natural testosterone production.

When should I start PCT?

Start PCT after the last steroid dose, timing may vary, so follow a recommended protocol or consult with a healthcare professional.

What is PCT used for?

PCT is used to restore natural hormone production and prevent side effects after discontinuing a steroid cycle.