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Generic Name: Metandienone

Composition: Methandrostenolone

Dosage: 10mg – 30mg a day

Dosage form: Tablets

Potency: 10mg x 100 tabs

Medicine Type: Allopathic

Drug Class: Anabolic and Androgenic steroids.

Age Group: 20 to 35 years

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Dianabol, or “Dbol” for short, is the most effective steroid used off-label to intensify strength, enhance muscle growth, and increase body mass. It is low in cost and works rapidly.

Background of Dianabol Tablets:

Dianabol tablets or Methandienone was first introduced in 1955 under the name ‘Dianabol.’ It was manufactured to be sold in the US and German markets. However, due to its popularity among bodybuilders and athletes, it has been sold to different countries. You can easily purchase it in the UK from online websites like ours.

Dianabol 10mg is available in the form of tablets and injectable. But, tablets are considered to have an immediate solid effect on the user and beginners.

Uses of Dianabol 10mg:

Dianabol was launched initially for treating low-testosterone-related medical conditions such as hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction.

As for today, it is used for strength and exceptional body mass. People use this steroid to become powerful and increase their metabolism.

There are many therapeutic uses for this product as well. Go ahead and order from our online store ‘The Anabolic World.’

Usual dose:

The dose of any steroid varies from person to person. The initial dose of Dianabol tablets is 20mg daily.

However, it is best to consult a doctor because he can recommend a good dose after checking your complete medical history.

Primarily for Men, the recommended dose is between 30-60 mg / every day for oral use and 20-40 mg / every day for Women. Moreover, the complete course should last about 8-14 weeks. For best results, use it regularly.

Have a look at below estimated dose for bodybuilders:

Beginners: 20 to 30 mg per day

Intermediate: 30 to 50mg per day

Professionals: 50 to 80 mg per day

Benefits of Dianabol Tablets:

It promotes protein synthesis, stimulates red blood cell production, and reduces excessive fat. It is also linked with enhancing libido.

It does not bring adverse negative impacts on your health like other steroids. Most importantly, it is a fast-acting steroid that works almost in real-time and helps you to recover during workouts.

Other benefits include:

  • Less water retention
  • Stimulate body fat
  • Boosts bodily strength
  • Increase metabolism
  • Massive size without the help of injections
  • Increases the uses of glycogen
  • It can be used in bulking
  • Does not bring adverse side effects on health
  • It makes you stronger in almost real-time
  • Women can use this steroid, but it’s not for pregnant and nursing females.

Minor side effects:

Below are a few minor side effects that only some users reported after consuming it, but only some people experience it. Also, side effects only occur when you consume medicine more than its recommended dose.

  • Hair Growth
  • Acne
  • Muscle soreness
  • High blood pressure
  • Mood swings
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Heart problem or angina attack

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