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Other names:Drostanolone propionate or Masteril™

Active Substance in each bottle:

  • Masteron Propionate 100 mg

Benzyl Alcohol, Gso Grand Carrier oil

Dosage form: Liquid (Intramuscular/injectable steroid)

Potency: 100 mg

Dosage: 200-700 per week for men

Half-Life: 1-2 days

Shelf life: 24 months

Presentation: 10mL vial

Classification: Anabolic Steroid

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Masteron Propionate 100mg is a fast-acting and muscle-hardening steroid. It mimics the effects of naturally occurring testosterone hormones in the body. Best for amplifying vascularity and promoting strength!

What is Masteron propionate?

An original form of Masteron used to get lean and dense muscles. When people and brands talk about Metron, they usually refer to Masteron Propionate. It is the most popular one. Masteron propionate by Pharmaqo Labs is an effective anabolic steroid containing anti-estrogen properties. It was initially developed to treat breast cancer and other estrogen-related conditions.

Masteron propionate is a DHT derived primarily used as a finishing steroid in a competitive bodybuilder stack. It is also called a muscle-hardening steroid. It promotes moderate strength gains and a bit of fat loss. It flushes out excess water from the body and amplifies vascularity.  It is an anabolic steroid that promotes a desirable cosmetic effect for a competitive bodybuilding contest. It enhances the appearance of muscles and makes them look dense and more defined.

In addition, Masteron propionate also may prevent muscle loss during dieting while increasing the loss of body fat. It also has a diuretic effect, which can sometimes increase weight loss. But do not think of it as a cutting steroid.


It is an injectable steroid. Try not to inject it into the veins. Using it in smaller amounts, ranging from 50 to 150mg/ml is recommended. This version of Masteron has a faster half-life, meaning it is quicker to effect. The body processes it and excretes it immediately. Therefore, ensure that you inject it at least once every two days.

It works best when stacked with other non-aromatizable steroids such as Anavar, Winstrol, and Parabolan. Because such stacks will greatly aid muscle retention and help burn fat, even if you’re using it for performance enhancement or a good-looking physique, start from the lower dose. (50 mg per week)

Things to Remember!

These are the few things you should remember when you plan to use Masteron propionate to get the most out of it:

  • Try using it in a stack with other steroids for better results
  • The amount will depend on your gender, goal, and age (along with your medical history)
  • If you have diabetes, liver problems, Asthma, or other serious medical issues. Avoid using it.
  • Females should take smaller doses than men because this steroid has anti-estrogenic properties.

Side Effects:

While this steroid is used for various purposes among bodybuilders, potential undesirable side effects may occur if you are not careful. The following are the possible side effects when Masteron Propionate is overused.

  • Hair loss
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Increase in body hair
  • Liver issues
  • Symptoms of Depression


People usually buy this steroid for two reasons.

A: To get faster results.

B: Avoid water retention, gynecomastia, and other estrogen-related side effects that may occur when you use steroids.

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