If you’re a champion already or a wannabe champion, you’re way behind in the race for a championship without knowing Dianabol closely.

Dianabol is commonly known as ‘the breakfast of champions’, and no other alternative stands equivalent to it. The first oral anabolic steroid that’s known to man is dianabol.

We live in a world of aesthetics where a perfect body with a perfect shape and a perfect size is admired immensely. No matter how much you workout daily, you need to add steroids to your routine. And we guess that’s a no-brainer, as we know for ages, that supplementary steroids pace up bodybuilding. 

Let’s uncover the gem details about Dianabol without further ado.

OG of Anabolic Steroids – The Dianabol’s History

Methandrostenolone, or dianabol, was first conceived in 1958  by a doctor named John Ziegler. He was the team physician at the US Olympics Weight Lifting Team and noticed this drug’s androgenic side effects during the World Games in 1956.

He and Seba Pharmacies together perfected this medicine to bring it to the market as an anabolic steroid with higher anabolic properties and lesser androgenic side effects.

How he came to the discovery is a little tragic. He saw Russians suffering from androgenic issues as their prostates were blocked, and there get the need for catheterisation through the penis to let the athletes pee.

These were the statements given by the Dr John himself, but we are a little critical about the validity of the statements. We know back then, men were using short-acting testosterone injections, which might have been the cause of prostate blockage. We know today that prostate blockage is rarely seen in middle-aged athletes as it’s the disease of older men.

Dr John stayed in the story for a little longer, less long than Dianabol stayed to be declared as a drug that’s been misused. The Dianabol remained in the market for a complete decade and has been really abused by the athletes. Dr Zeigler condemns its use, and he gets out of the whole story just a decade later.

What is Dianabol used for, and what forms does it come in?

Earlier, this drug was out in America for medical use. It was used to treat aplastic anaemia. So when someone is catabolic with a lesser amount of blood cells, anabolic steroids can build them up and will replenish the stores altogether.

Also, it was used in post-menopausal women for the treatment of osteoporosis. Its production continued till 1983 in America, and then it was removed from the market entirely as there was a massive fear of abuse.

Today, Dianabol is used to pull a muscle mass and is a bodybuilding enhancer that has been used for decades. It is a derivative of testosterone. The testosterone has been tweaked a little to provide us with methandienone with reduced androgenic effects. And that’s how it managed to be the favourite ingredient for the mass pullers.

It comes in many different strengths, typically ranging from 5mg to 50mg, and is offered in tablet form to be swallowed. The distribution of dosage depends on a lot of factors, which include:

  • Gender
  • Cycle
  • Needs

If you’re a novice to the intake of Dianabol, you must start with a dose of 10mg, and you can increase it up to 30mg over a period of 3 months. Veteran bodybuilders can tolerate a dose of 50mg; however, a higher dosage always comes with greater side effects.

It has a short half-life, so it’s usually taken pre-workout. It peaks in an hour, so some take it once a day or divide a dosage throughout the day to maintain its level in the blood. 

Did you know Arnold Schwarzenegger continued to take Dbol during his movie career?

Ever since, Arnold has been very open about saying that his PED regimen is made up of two drugs, testosterone and D-bol. He opened up about a fact in an interview where he put forward that bodybuilding had always been a safe sport, but now people are dying because of the overdoses.

Classic Old School D-Bol Cycle 

The classic old-school cycle is based on 50mg of D-bol a day stacked with 500mg of testosterone a week.

This is incredible; it allows you to stack up 20 pounds in 4 weeks. The progress is effortless with this regimen, which comes with a huge amount of intramuscular fullness.

The strength of this one is beyond belief, but it is one of the worst compounds for back pumps. The lower back and shins get absolutely pumped up with this heavy dosage, making it impossible for you to walk a few miles either at a time. Progressive side effects like oily skin and hy nipples all showed up. So here’s the takeaway: say goodbye to the old cycle and stick to the balanced newer one.

Dianabol for Bodybuilding – Newer Cycle 

1. Use simple testosterone enhancers first

If you have come across the phrase Dianabol only cycle, you must know that you only qualify for this cycle if you have already taken testosterone or anvar before. This is a better muscle-building strategy for novices as it’s better tolerated overall.

Testosterone won’t strain much on the liver and will also keep cholesterol levels in control. Users seeking exceptional gain in their first cycles must opt for testosterone as a tolerance dose.

2. The first cycle helps to gain 30 pounds of muscle mass

The first-time users of D-bol successfully managed to gain weight up to 30 pounds and strength gains up to 50 pounds.

3. Carefully increase your dosage if you’re a beginner

If you prefer D-bol over testosterone, you must slowly increase the dose over a period of 4 weeks to achieve the desired results. Don’t be too harsh on yourself because it might invite a lot of side effects that would be hard to eliminate.

  • Best D-bol Cycle for Beginners:

1) A 4-week routine. 

2) Start the dose with as little as 10mg daily and increase it to 30mg a day if well tolerated. 

3) Maintain a healthy diet and be a fitness freak to get the best results. 

  • Best D-Bol Cycle for Intermediate:

1) A 6-week routine. 

2) Start with a dose of 30 mg a day and increase it to 50mg daily. 

3) Add a high surplus diet to your routine and make sure to take sodium and magnesium-rich foods as well. 

  • Best D-Bol Cycle For Advanced:

1) An 8-week routine. 

2) Start with a 50mg dose daily and increase it to 80mg a day if well tolerated. 

3) Pair it up with a high surplus diet with a massive fluid intake.


All the cycles invite risks, which you need to account for before starting any D-bol cycles. Get help from your physician if required.

The Secret Behind The Effectiveness of D-Bol

 The effectiveness of Dianabol hides in the following fundamentals: 

  •  Nitrogen Retention:

Your muscles need positive nitrogen balance to grow well. Nitrogen is the building block for proteins, and proteins are the primary constituents of your muscles. D-bol works hard to retain nitrogen in your muscles, leading to a positive nitrogen balance in the body. It, too, gives a pumped-up feeling to athletes.

  • Blood Flow:

Another way that improves muscle buildup is by increasing blood flow to the muscles. Your weight-lifting routine demands more oxygen in your muscles to generate the desired force. D-bol enhances blood flow in your muscles, increasing oxygen and leading to faster muscle growth.

  • Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis:

D-bol improves the amount of protein synthesis and takes hold of the synthesis mechanism overall. Muscle building is a blend of enzymes, hormones, and proteins, which Dianabol takes care very well.

  • Reduces Cortisol Levels:

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone, while muscle building is an anabolic process. D-bol effectively reduces the amount of cortisol levels in the blood, which can help build muscle mass.

Major Side Effects of Dianabol

Dianabol undergoes aromatisation. It is a highly aromatizable anabolic oral steroid, and it comes with classic side effects of water retention, gynecomastia, and a bloated, puffy look. It’s a testosterone derivative and can very easily convert into estrogen. With a moderate and a heavy dose on a 6-8 week cycle, one can gain up to 40 pounds.

1 – Androgenic Side Effects

Although this was tweaked to be less androgenic, it still has androgenic side effects. It still converts to DHT and will hit the receptors in the central system. It comes with a lot of sexual side effects and will induce hypogonadism because of its pro-estrogenic effects.

2 – Cardiovascular Side Effects

It’s an oral anabolic steroid, and it affects lipids. Lipids are fats that keep the body warm. It will reduce the high-density lipids (HDL), which are excellent lipids in the body, and can raise the count of low-density lipids (LDL), which are terrible lipids.

It will destroy the inner lining of your arteries, especially your coronary arteries that go to your heart, and can lead to heart failure. This side effect independently depends on the water retention that raises the pressure on the heart, leading to a sustained increase in blood pressure as well.

3 – Liver Side Effects

It causes a transient increase in liver enzymes, altering your LFTs. It, too, increases the amount of excretory amount of bile products and can lead to hepatitis, cysts, and tumours.


What is Dianabol good for?

Dianabol is good for gaining muscle mass and strength and is a common supplement athletes and bodybuilders use.

Which steroid is the safest to use for bodybuilders?

Steroids with anabolic properties like testosterone, oxandrolone, and nandrolone are considered to be safe.

What are the results of the Dianabol cycle?

Using Dianabol is your ticket to a full, muscular, and powerful physique. With D-bol, your body will overcome the pain and fatigue that comes with the strenuous exercises you perform.


Dianabol is safe and legal to use. If you live in the UK, purchasing this steroid online is not a problem. But you must be careful about the counterfeits that most websites sell. Do thorough research or visit our website to clearly understand each steroid. Once you are satisfied, proceed with the most suitable steroid for yourself. We recommend you try our best feature oral steroid Dianabol.